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Client Success Story: LEM Products

It’s hard work, building and growing an online business, and when your store succeeds, well, we just couldn’t be any more pleased, and we want to tell the world all about you!

We’d like to introduce LEM Products, and their e-commerce Specialist, Liz Bordonaro. LEM Products – a CV3 partner since 2006 – is a mail order and online company based in West Chester, Ohio, that provides high-quality meat processing and jerky-making equipment and supplies for the do-it-yourselfer hunter and home processor. Liz was kind enough to share LEM’s history and their online journey to success with CV3.

CV3: Tell us a bit about the history of your company. How did it get started, how did it grow and where are you today?

LEM: LEM is a family owned company, passionate about bringing innovation to game processing. We began as a wide-eyed dream of a skilled meat cutter, hunter and processor named Larry Metz. With the support of friends and his wife Barb by his side, Larry launched his business idea in his garage in 1991 and LEM Products was born.

After producing his ground-breaking processing videos, Larry hit the road. Attending hunting expos throughout the Midwest and demonstrating his boneless method of deer processing to a growing legion of followers, it wasn’t long before the phones started to ring.

Fast-forward to 1995. We printed our first bound catalog. It was 16 pages in black and white with a hand drawn cover illustration. It featured grinders, freezer paper and even saws. Over time, customers came to rely on the detailed descriptions and expert advice Larry imparted in each catalog.

Our growth accelerated between 2002 and 2004, when the national publication “Inc. 500” named LEM to its list of the fastest growing companies in America. We made plans to move into a larger facility, expand our team and ship to retail stores.

We haven’t stopped climbing since. In 2010, our revolutionary breakthrough innovation of Big Bite Technology expanded the “bite” of the grinder auger, delivering more meat per minute through the grinder head and improving the performance of our Flagship stainless steel grinder series by as much as 50%. Larry’s passion for quality products and customer value drives what we do every day.

Today, we have grown to become the leading consumer brand in DIY Meat Processing with presence in over 1,000 retail stores in 47 states and Canada. Request a catalog at http://www.lemproducts.com.

CV3: Through what channels do you sell your products today?

LEM: We currently distribute via our website, catalog and B2B.

CV3: What caused you to seek a solution like CommerceV3? What challenges were you looking to overcome?

LEM: We were seeking the best, most cost effective solution that interfaced with Dydacomp’s MOM. Our challenges stemmed from growth and the need to automate and effectively manage digital selling.

CV3: How are you using the CommerceV3 platform in your everyday operations?

LEM: Our site with CV3 has become our mainstay in our D2C business and is essential to our sales strategy.

CV3: What features and capabilities do you use the most? Are you leveraging our solution for any interesting/unexpected use cases?

LEM: We use the Q&A and Review features the most, mining for opportunities and insights across the business.

CV3: What business benefits and process improvements have you seen since implementing our solution?

LEM: We’ve achieved scalable growth in all KPI metrics. When we redesigned the site to use an adaptive design in 2013, we specifically saw a one-time, sustainable lift of 30% to our bottom line. We’ve also noted fewer mistakes, better data management, reduced labor time and costs, as well as back-end efficiencies improvements and greater insights.

CV3: What improvements have you seen in your services to your own customers?

LEM: We believe in transparency to our customers, and we can do that with CV3. We are able to provide a better experience with fewer surprises because of the open source platform, while dramatically reducing funnel friction and differing expectations. We’ve also seen a reduction in the time needed to take a product or campaign to market with CV3.

A big thank you to LEM for sharing their experiences with us!


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