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CommerceV3 Named Multichannel Merchant Top Commerce Platform for 2017

October 15, 2016, Clermont, FL – CommerceV3, Inc. (CV3) was named as a Multichannel Merchant Top Commerce Platform for 2017, which solidifies CV3’s position as a formidable leader in the crowded space of e-commerce platforms and technology solutions.

CV3 stands out among the crowd of competitors by providing Enterprise-class solutions at a mid-market price. The suite of tools are designed to be easy to use, making it desirable for merchandisers, marketers, and designers to update and maintain a site and drive growth for ongoing success of their online storefronts.

“We pack on far more value than you can find with any other solution,” said John Frazar, Director of Business Development for CommerceV3, Inc. “CV3 delivers extensive Enterprise-class tools at a price that is suited for mid-market sized clients. More important than features, however, CV3 knows its clients at a personal level and offers support and attention to detail that a ‘big box’ solution just can’t offer.”

CV3 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that boasts open and flexible architecture. This gives clients full control of their site, while maintaining security and out-of-the-box PCI-compliance. It also means that clients benefit by having no cost in infrastructure, no maintenance headaches, continuous free upgrades and predictable costs. The open nature encourages innovation and makes what you can do with CV3 virtually limitless.

Founded in 1999, CV3 has the experience and expertise to guide clients towards success. More than just software, CV3 is a platform with a team of marketing experts, web developers, and designers behind every site.


MULTICHANNEL MERCHANT connects sellers of merchandise direct to customer across multiple channels. They provide the insights, best practices and community they need to optimize their customer experiences through improved marketing, ecommerce and operations.


The award-winning CommerceV3 platform was built from the ground up for large-scale, multi-channel retail. It combines an open-source front-end with a high-performance cloud-based application so merchants can launch fully customized stores with ease.


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