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How CV3 is Enhancing Your E-Commerce Experience!

Discover Our New Integrations!

We’re excited to share some fabulous updates with you! We’ve been busy here at CommerceV3 enhancing your experience by integrating with top-notch third-party services.

These integrations provide additional versatility, security, and convenience to your e-commerce  Let’s get into the details!

Robust Fraud Protection: Leveraging Kount & Maxmind

Your business requires a secure environment to survive. That’s why we’ve integrated with Kount & Maxmind to offer you robust fraud protection. These integrations provide advanced fraud checks, real-time analysis, and risk assessment.

With Kount & Maxmind, you can detect and prevent fraudulent activities more effectively, ensuring the safety of your transactions and customer data. It’s about creating a secure ecosystem where you can operate with confidence and peace of mind. Isn’t it reassuring to know that your business is well-protected against the evolving threats of the online world?

Flexible Payment Solutions: Featuring Ayden and Heartland

Smooth and flexible transactions are the backbone of any e-commerce website. To enhance your transaction experience, we’ve integrated with Ayden and Heartland, bringing you more payment options and flexibility. These solutions streamline the payment process, offering convenience to both you and your customers. Ayden and Heartland are both renowned for their reliability and user-friendly interfaces, making every transaction simple. Whether your customer is making a one-time purchase or buying a subscription, these integrations make payments smooth and hassle-free.

Secure Customer Management: with Authorize.net Customer Profiles

Customer data is key to your future success, and managing it securely is paramount. That’s why we’ve integrated Authorize.net Customer Profiles to offer you secure and efficient customer data management. This integration handles every piece of customer information with the utmost care and precision.

With Authorize.net, you can manage customer profiles, process transactions, and store sensitive data securely. It’s about fostering trust and reliability with your customers, ensuring they feel safe while interacting with your platform. 

Advanced Card Processing: through Elavon Level 2/3 card

To bring you the best in payment processing, we’ve integrated with Elavon Level 2/3 card. This advanced card processing feature provides more detailed and accurate transaction data, optimizes processing costs, and enhances the overall payment experience.

Elavon’s sophisticated processing capabilities ensure that you can handle transactions more efficiently, reducing errors and saving time. Intrigued by how this can make your payment processing more refined and reliable?

Empowering Your Business with Our Integrations

These new integrations are here to supercharge your CommerceV3 experience. They unite enhanced security, flexible payment options, secure customer management, and sophisticated card processing to ensure your business is well-equipped to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


The award-winning CommerceV3 platform was built from the ground up for large-scale, multi-channel retail. It combines an open-source front-end with a high-performance cloud-based application so merchants can launch fully customized stores with ease.


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