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What Are Back To School Shoppers Looking For?

With the end of summer approaching, the back-to-school shopping season is upon us. This is an important time for some e-commerce stores, particularly those that sell school supplies, clothing and even some food items. When trying to reach this “back to school” audience, it is crucial to understand the specific preferences and requirements of these shoppers. It can also be  a good time to examine some technical aspects of an online store and see what improvements can be made ahead of the back-to-school period. 

Understanding the Back-To-School Shopper

To understand the back-to-school shopper, we need to step into their shoes. These shoppers, often parents or educators, are on the hunt for the items that will ensure a hassle-free return to a daily routine that was forgotten in the summer months. School supplies and clothing are both big sellers this time of year, and convenience food products also sell well. These shoppers prioritize quality, affordability, and convenience in their purchases. They also desire a one-stop-shop experience and expect quick, efficient delivery.

Customer Incentives: Promo Codes and Cart Abandonment Emails

Two of the most successful marketing tactics we’ve seen during the back-to-school period are promotional discount codes for specific products as well as the use of abandoned cart emails reminding shoppers to complete their purchases. 

Driven by deals, well-advertised promo codes are a great way to generate traffic to your site. The appeal of the advertised deal may be enough to lead convenience-driven shoppers to complete a majority of their seasonal purchases at your store. Using cart abandonment emails is a great way to remind consumers who spend a lot of time comparing prices and items across a number of stores to return to your site to make their ultimate purchase. 

Managing Website Traffic: Ensuring a Smooth Shopping Experience

The back-to-school season often brings a surge in online shopping, leading to increased website traffic. Are you ready for this influx? A slow website can frustrate shoppers and lead them to abandon their carts and shop elsewhere. This season could be a good test of the stress your site can handle. If planned speed updates didn’t happen for this year’s back-to-school season, now is the time to begin for next year.

Meeting High Demands: Fast and Efficient Delivery

Shoppers expect quick and efficient delivery when shopping online. This expectation is even higher during the back-to-school season when parents and educators are often shopping last minute. To meet these high demands, e-commerce stores should consider offering expedited shipping options at this time of year. Additionally, keeping customers informed about their order status builds throughout the process builds trust and satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

So, what do back-to-school shoppers need? The answer is simple: quality, convenience, and perceived value. Whether it’s parents shopping for school supplies, students hunting for the latest fashions, or teachers searching for engaging teaching aides, all back-to-school shoppers want to feel good about the purchases they are making. Understanding what these shoppers are looking for and delivering on those expectations is key to a successful back-to-school season. 


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